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Simple Ways to Improve Your Kids Knowledge

Raising kids to perfection is a task so intricate and challenging that parents often tend to make rookie mistakes. No matter how hard you try, you cannot ever seem to do it right. Instilling in them the moral values ain’t enough nowadays.

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If your kids are not both street smart and book smart, they’ll miss out on thousands of opportunities when they grow up. This is what makes it the need of the hour to keep improving your kids’ knowledge. The old adage that goes like, “knowledge is power” becomes even more relevant today. If you wish your kids’ minds to develop with the utmost proficiency, it’s high time you indulge in getting mindful gifts for kids. In this blog, we are going to talk about ways to enhance your kids’ knowledge. 

It is crucial that your child is developed in all aspects at a very early age. However, for our greed to be the parents of a prodigy, we tend to trap our kids in an unhealthy competition. This entrapment might lead to depression and anxiety. It is recommended you inculcate good habits in their kids that might result into an overall development of your child effortlessly. 

  1. Interactive Indoor Games 

These days kids are more interested in digital games than offline ones. Unless they are solving puzzles on your phone, you should inhibit their phone usage. Instead, you should focus on evoking their interests in interactive board games. Amalgamation of amusement and education leads to an interesting development for that subject. Games like scrabble can increase their vocabulary. 

  1. Get Your Kids to Read as Much as Possible 

Nothing would stimulate their minds better than a good read. There is no denying that reading various genres of books can enhance the kids’ comprehensibility and linguistic skills. If you can keep their interests going in pleasure reading, you are improving their balanced psychological development. If you get books for children to read, you are sure to invoke their natural inquisitiveness. 

  1. Indulge them in a Healthy Discussion 

Whenever you are having a discussion with your partner, involve your kids as well at times. Your kids should be encouraged to give their views on various discussions at home. This will prepare them for the debates in their schools and enhance their knowledge as well. It is imperative for you to respect your kid’s point of view to make them feel confident in dealing with problems in life. 

  1. Use Digital Media in an Effective Way 

There is no denying that television plays an important role in shaping the juvenile minds of your kids. It is one of the most important modes of entertainment for a child. You must try indulging your kids in watching those channels that enrich them to the core. Make them watch channels like National Geographic that help your child to increase their knowledge widely. Getting mindful gifts for kids is important especially when they are in a stage of learning, discovering, and exploring.

How 7 days Practical Self Care for Moms Challenge works?

How many times has it happened to you that amidst all the juggling with all your responsibilities and taking care of your babies, you have placed your own needs and mental peace on the back burner? We are guessing too many times to count. If you are a working mom, rare are the times when you get to spend a whole day pampering yourself. Don’t you feel like indulging in self-care practices for moms? Don’t you feel having a whole day to yourself without your toddlers hovering over your head all the time? Well, if your answer is yes, we have this pretty amazing and effective challenge for you. Do as we say for 7 days and you’ll be a much happier mom than you are right now. 

Soul Nourishing Self Care Activities for Moms - Soul Care

Without further ado, let’s delve into these practices. 

  1. Arrange a Relaxing Bubble Bath & Shower for Yourself 

The best “me time” you can ever get is when you shower or take a peaceful bath. There is no better way than this to wash away your stress and anxiety. Putting on a face mask, taking out time to sit back and listen to a podcast in the bathroom, eating a piece of chocolate, adding a bath bomb, and drinking wine are some of the ways that can help you make your bath time even more fun and relaxing. 

  1. Hone Your Hobbies and Skills 

How long has it been since you did something you enjoyed doing? When was the last time you picked your painting brush or read a novel or wrote poetry? Start working towards a long-lost passion or a hobby and you’ll see how well it does to your routine. It can be absolutely anything. Running, gardening, crafting, working in a yard; indulge in whatever hobby you like and try to get better at it. 

  1. Indulge in meditation or Yoga 

Talk to any spiritual leader about stress-relieving techniques and they would all have a common answer; practice meditation or yoga. Trust us, when we say, there is nothing more relaxing and peace generating that meditation. Practicing mindfulness can come easily to you through yoga. It can be an incredible experience that allows you to release tension and find happiness in your soul. 

  1. Talk to a Friend 

When the world seems a tad dull or you feel exhausted, there is nothing better than a company of friends who can cheer you up in an instant. Spending time with friends can do your soul a whole lot better than you can ever imagine. If meeting in person, seems like a far-fetched thought, you can always talk over phone or video call them. 

Apart from indulging in these activities, you can always set up a doable self-care morning routine that can help you go through the day with utmost patience and compassion.

Reasons Why it’s Important to Take Care of Yourself

This world would be such a depressing and suffocating place to live in if you keep on hustling and scraping through life like it’s a race and you’ve to win it. Taking out time for yourself once in a while is imperative.

No time for self care as a busy mom - Soul Care Mom

We are no less than machines if we work continuously without taking a break. In this blog, we are going to emphasize on the importance of self-care and would give you compelling reasons to incorporate it into your life. Without further ado, let’s delve into the intricate details. 

Maintaining your physical and mental health is vital if you wish to perform all your roles as a woman with perfection. If you are still not convinced and refuse to devote any of your time to self-care, we have a list of pretty convincing reasons. Check them out. 

  1. Self-Care is Sure to Relax Your Mind 

If you are constantly torn between responsibilities from all sides, you can find it pretty challenging to properly process your thoughts and feelings. External chaos can make it very challenging to feel peaceful on the inside. That is why it is necessary to take out time for yourselves to experience mindfulness. 

  1. Self-Care Fillips Concentration & Focus 

When you manage to relax your mind and blur all your stress and anxiety, your concentration and focus are sure to enhance. With self-care routine on fleek, you are sure to do things faster and with greater ease. 

  1. Resolve Problems 

Whatever issue is running on your mind and you cannot stop thinking about it can be easily resolved once you delve into practices that bring you peace. If you don’t devote enough time to working through your issues, they might start to feel much heavier than they actually are. We hope that these reasons are convincing enough for you to finally make time for self-care. You can even become a more patient mom with these super-effective tips.

5 Things you can learn About Self-Care from Gardening

If you are someone who absolutely loves to spend your time in a garden full of fresh flowers, you must know how rejuvenating this hobby can be. Gardening for self care is one of the most underrated strategies of all time. There is something about a garden that delights every sense.

The soft dirt between our fingers, the bees humming, and the bright colors of ripening fruits are what make the garden a pleasant place to stay in. There is something about this divine place that teaches us things about life. It teaches us things about life that change who we are. Here are a few things that gardens teach us.

#1. Looking at Things From a Tad Different Perspective

When you hone a garden, you must learn to battle against a plethora of elements. You might have to beat your head against the wall too many times to count.  Gardening teaches you to not give up hope even in the most devastating times and reevaluate and try something new.

#2. The Art of Optimism

Gardening teaches you not to let the failures of the previous year affect the future. It enriches you to trust that the future holds the possibility of better things, new growth, and sunshine.  It will encourage you to make good things happen without giving up.

#3. Staying Alone isn’t Too Bad.

If you are someone who finds it insufferable to be alone, in the quiet, the garden will offer you the courage to cherish the aloneness. Being with the plants would make you feel the satisfaction and pride of a well-tended garden.

#4. Hard Work is the Key to the Locked Door of Happiness

If you are an amateur at gardening, you might know how much time it takes to make a good garden.  The gardens teach you that hard work is the secret ingredient for every good thing in life. The harder you work, the better results you are sure to reap.

#5. The Most Unexpected Things Are Often Beautiful & Magnificent

Even barren lands can transform into beautiful gardens.  Life is short and full of unexpected twists and turns, just like our gardens. When nothing seems to go the way you would want it to, remember your beautiful gardens that were once an abandoned pieces of land.

No doubt that gardening is one of the most effective self care solutions of all time. Try it out if being a busy mom is taking a massive toll on you.

3 Things Gardening Can Teach You about Self-Care

Self-care is necessary for each and all. With variations like emotional, physical, social, mental, practical, and spiritual, self-care ensures that we are at the culmination of our health and wellness game. Self-care helps to make us relaxed, avoid burnouts, and keep up with a positive attitude.

How to plan your summer gardening now that garden centres have reopened -

If you want to eliminate the toxicity in your life, one practical way is to practice gardening for self-care.  With this practice, you get the power to take care of your overall health and well-being by extending it to nurturing other living things.

Do not Pressurize

Even though bullying someone can make you believe that you can get them to do what they want, it is apparent that you will be less respected. The same goes for the plants. They don’t like to be moved or fiddled with. If you have trained a vine to grow up a trellis, you cannot move it every day. Gardening for self-care makes us understand that it is necessary to nurture each plant and people in their specific right direction to make them grow.

Acceptance is Necessary

Life is not a bed of roses; it demands hard work, efforts, and acceptance of good and bad. Sometimes, you might take a lot of care of a plant, and still, it dies. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t tried enough! Some things are inevitable and need to be accepted. Like growing plants, your life might have inevitable consequences that you need to accept for a better future.

Find your Positive Environment

A sun plant cannot grow if you place it indoors. Similarly, you need to find out your own positive environment for you to grow. It can be a private time with your favorite books or just a lazy evening with mellow music. Whatever it may be, try to surround yourself with positivity by feeding your soul what it loves.

Positive relationships: parents & children | Raising Children Network

If you are a parent, visit Soul Care Mom to get motivation and tips on self-care solutions to become a better person and a parent. Learn how to take care of yourself to take care of your kids and your surroundings. 

How to Be a Confident Mom?

Motherhood is not easy. It is a lifelong project that comes with plenty of responsibilities. Right from childhood to teenage and adulthood, the role of a mom remains vital.

How to Be a Confident Mom - Soul Care Mom

Till teenage, your role as a mom is very crucial. You are the one who is making key decisions in your kid’s life. Thus, there is no other way than being a confident mom to fulfill your duties gracefully.

Here are the five ways to be a more confident mom:     

1. Feel confident

Your mindset matters a lot, and it is the most difficult thing to manage. Feel confident if you want to be a pro mom.

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With the right blend of learning with a progressive mindset, you will be in a good mental space to make the right decisions. This also reflects in your parenting. Your baby feels safer, calmer, and happier when you are confident.

2. Stay away from competitive friends

Comparison is the natural outcome when your friends are also raising kids, but only sensible parents are able to understand that one cannot compare any two kids.

Avoid the competitive parent trap | Family | The Guardian

It is always a great idea to stay away from competitive friends.

3. Bad advice is of no avail

There is plenty of misinformation related to parenting out there.

Why your parenting tactics aren't working, according to psychologists -  North Wales Live

Not just the internet, but so-called motherhood experts also tell you wrong things of all sorts. Stay away from bad advice.    

4. Don’t be too harsh on yourself 

It is not uncommon for things to fall apart despite doing everything right.

10 Signs You Are Being Too Hard On Yourself (As A Mom) | Moms

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Offer yourself some space to make mistakes, accept yourself, make the corrections, and get back on track.       

5. Take time for you

Self-care is a key ingredient for being a confident mom.

How to Have Me Time as a Mother & Why It's Important | Cake Maternity

Take some time out for you. When you rush, things fall apart. If you do not have the time to replenish your soul and rejuvenate yourself, you cannot be at best for your child.     

3 Essential Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Tired of juggling your household duties and job? Don’t you get enough time to pamper yourself at the end of the day? If so, this blog is a savior for you and all the busy working moms out there. If you are stressed or prone to anxiety, incorporate small tips to bring that smile back in your life.

Time is essential for everyone but the most valuable for busy moms. Taking time for yourself always falls near the bottom of the to-do list for busy moms. Stress, exhaustion, and burnout are common if you don’t take time to sit down and relax. Though mothers are great at multi-tasking, they need to take good care of their physical and mental health.

Self-care strategies that will relax your mind and body 

Focus on Your Physical Health

Indulge in some fitness activity to feel refreshed and active throughout the day. One pro tip, pick what’s suitable for your fitness level.

  • Walk for 15 minutes.
  • Do some yoga or stretching.
  • Take your bike out in the woods.

Spend some time alone in the garden

Focus On Your Mental Health

Calm your senses to stay away from anxiety and stress. Here are some tips for giving your brain a boost.

  • Create a journal
  • Sketch something you love.
  • Read a good book,
  • Participate in crossword puzzles.

Take Time For Your Friends.

Your friends are important and play an essential role in bringing that zeal back into your life.

  • Go for an outing with your friends at a new restaurant
  • Opt for a walking date
  • Window shopping with your friends is relaxing
  • Join a book club or moms group

Follow these self care strategies for momsand you will be all set to get that motivation and zeal back in your life.

The Sacred Pause: The Art of Activating Healing Energy

We all get frustrated with our lives as we stay busy, and so many things occupy our minds. There are so many things that include your energy, time, and money as well. Have you been frustrated too lately? To take you out of this situation, you can take the help of meditation. It is necessary training to focus your mind and redirect your thoughts.

How the Sacred Pause can help you to Be a Present & Relaxed Mom in Just  Minutes | Soul Care Mom

There are numerous health benefits to meditation, but the concept of sacred pause helps you far more than regular meditation. Want to feel free from your lives’ daily problems? Try to practice sacred pauses to disconnect yourself from oppressive thoughts and make you feel relieved.

The sacred pause has different benefits that help you rejuvenate your mind and soul. It can prove as a valuable tool to increase consciousness of oneself and their surroundings. It has both health and mind advantages:

Health Benefits:

4 Meditation Techniques that Can Improve Awareness and Mental Health | MMHC

The sacred pause helps improve immune system functioning, regulates blood pressure, better pain management, reduces chronic pain, and reduces inflammation in the body. In addition to that, it improves sleep and reduces anxiety and depression symptoms.

Mental Benefits:

Sacred pause meditation is a way to reduce stress and develop concentration. Other than that, sacred pause helps to grow a positive mood and outlook, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns, and increasing pain tolerance.

Refresh Your Creative Brain Through Meditation at Work | Blog

Stress is something that never seems to leave us, and if you are a parent, you are pretty aware of its consequences. Practicing sacred pauses can help you balance your life as a parent and individual.

Obviously, you worry about your kids, schedules, relationships, and that’s when anxiety surrounds you! Fight your anxiety, as well as have better control over pain and emotions with a sacred pause.

Practice mindfulness with Soul Care Mom’s to make you physically and mentally healthy, as well as spiritually awaken. Sacred pause for relaxed mom includes guided meditations, blogs, etc., to make you a happy and better mother.

Stress Free Self care Morning Routine for moms

A jittery and chaotic morning is the agonizing story of every mother on this planet. There is an overwhelming rush, energy, hassle, and everything you don’t want. So taking care of you in such a routine seems out of the question. But do you know the women who start their day with a proper self care routine for mom are more successful during the days to comply with their maternal duties? 

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So following the below-mentioned self-care morning routine would work wonders for you. 

#1. Be an early bird:  whether you like the idea or not, you have to be an early bird if you want to sail smoothly in your morning routine.

5 Scientific Benefits of Being an Early Bird | Everyday Power

If you keep hanging on your bed till late, you don’t find any time to pursue some activities. So wake up early. 

#2. Yoga:  when we talk about yoga, that doesn’t mean doing relay challenging postures which you might deplore doing or feel uncomfortable about. 

Yoga for moms – SheKnows

Yoga should be done to wake you muscles and joints from the slumber. Embark on your yoga journey with stretching movements and less contortion so that you don’t feel intimidated by yoga. 

#3. Stick to some gratitude journal: Read a gratitude journal to feel grateful for the things you possess, it maybe some little achievement or the luxury.

Why Every Mom Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

Feeling grateful will endow you with positive vibes to get going through the day with high spirits

#4. Meditation:

Inner peace Archives - Leila Khan

By the time your teas is steeping, sit on the couch and try to follow your breath for 10 minutes. Try to control your spinning thoughts and enjoy peace of mind for some time devoid of the stress and tension of the material world. 

#5. Sip your tea and plan your day: 

Pouring Black Hot Tea Into The Cup by Grey_Coast_Media | VideoHive

The next thing to do is to sip your tea and jot down a few things you would like to accomplish during the day. 

No denying life can go crazy at times, so you may not follow the above-mentioned self care morning routine  every time but make sure to follow one or two things, at least when your routine goes all uncontrollable. 

Why is Self Care Important

What is self-care, and why is it important?

You might have heard a ton of adults grumbling about how they never wanted to grow up and how they were better off as kids. Nothing should come off as a shocking statement, as adulthood is a frustrating and perplexing phase that can irritate even the most serene ones.

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Being an adult can come with a truckload of responsibilities that can keep self-care at the back burner. However, it is quintessential not to let anything come in the way of rejuvenating your soul. Before we delve into the importance of self-care, let us find out what self-care actually is.

What is self-care?

Self-care involves any activity that replenishes your soul and makes it as fresh and young as new.

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Whether it be indulging in a spa or reading a book, whatever makes your heart satiated can be considered self-care. It is anything you do deliberately for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You need to focus on your well-being before you can achieve authentic self-care.

Why is Self Care Important?

Self-care encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. This can allow you to spread happy and positive vibes all day long. You cannot keep spreading love if your own vessel is empty. Most people out there misconstrue self-care as selfish. When you are indulging in self-care, you are reinvigorating yourself to be the best version of yourself.

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Meditating, gardening, reading a book, indulging in a spa, and exercising are the most effective self-care ways. If you invest your time in getting enough sleep, paying attention to your physical health, eating healthy, and identifying things that matter to you, you are sure to make the most of your routine while indulging in self-care practices.