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The Sacred Pause: The Art of Activating Healing Energy

We all get frustrated with our lives as we stay busy, and so many things occupy our minds. There are so many things that include your energy, time, and money as well. Have you been frustrated too lately? To take you out of this situation, you can take the help of meditation. It is necessary training to focus your mind and redirect your thoughts.

How the Sacred Pause can help you to Be a Present & Relaxed Mom in Just  Minutes | Soul Care Mom

There are numerous health benefits to meditation, but the concept of sacred pause helps you far more than regular meditation. Want to feel free from your lives’ daily problems? Try to practice sacred pauses to disconnect yourself from oppressive thoughts and make you feel relieved.

The sacred pause has different benefits that help you rejuvenate your mind and soul. It can prove as a valuable tool to increase consciousness of oneself and their surroundings. It has both health and mind advantages:

Health Benefits:

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The sacred pause helps improve immune system functioning, regulates blood pressure, better pain management, reduces chronic pain, and reduces inflammation in the body. In addition to that, it improves sleep and reduces anxiety and depression symptoms.

Mental Benefits:

Sacred pause meditation is a way to reduce stress and develop concentration. Other than that, sacred pause helps to grow a positive mood and outlook, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns, and increasing pain tolerance.

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Stress is something that never seems to leave us, and if you are a parent, you are pretty aware of its consequences. Practicing sacred pauses can help you balance your life as a parent and individual.

Obviously, you worry about your kids, schedules, relationships, and that’s when anxiety surrounds you! Fight your anxiety, as well as have better control over pain and emotions with a sacred pause.

Practice mindfulness with Soul Care Mom’s to make you physically and mentally healthy, as well as spiritually awaken. Sacred pause for relaxed mom includes guided meditations, blogs, etc., to make you a happy and better mother.

Importance of Meditation

Why’s Meditation Important for you as a Mom?

In a family, each member makes their contribution to ensure that the family functions smoothly. Members are dependent on each other. But the most important part is played by the mother. YOU play the most important part in your family. Everyone depends more on you as compared to each other. Isn’t it?

It’s well known how the family and their needs are put on top in your list.

Being a mom is tough. 

There are no holidays. You’re on duty 24 hours 7 days a week.

Has the thought of “exhausting yourself” ever crossed your mind?

Yes! This isn’t a pleasant thought.

This is why you must know the Importance of Meditation and the miracles it can do for you.

The benefits aren’t confined only to your mental wellbeing but physical and spiritual as well. Let’s take a look!

  • Reduced Stress
Creating a Meditation Space for Your Home

Stress is the reaction of your body to challenges and demands. The amount of stress as a parent and especially as a mom can be overwhelming. You’ve got tons of things to worry about at any given time. This stress makes you snap at your kids even when you didn’t want to.

Meditation is proven to decrease the level Cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress.

  • Sound Sleep
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Because of all the responsibilities on a mom’s shoulders, a night of good quality sleep is often neglected or is hard to get. Lack of quality sleep can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, poor balance and trouble concentrating, to name a few. Meditation will help you get that quality sleep you deserve.

  • Mental Grip
5 benefits of meditation on your mental health - Generali Global Health

Hundreds of thoughts cross our mind on a daily basis-Most of these are unwanted. The nature of these thoughts directs our actions. This simply means that we’re being controlled by the mind where it should be the other way. Meditation makes you aware of your thoughts, observe and control them. A strong mental grip equals a calm and controlled mind.

  • Health Benefits
Five Ways Mindfulness Meditation Is Good for Your Health

One widely used method of meditation is controlled or mindful breathing. Paying attention to the way you breathe can bring a number of health benefits such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate, stronger immune system, increased threshold to pain and increased energy to mention a few.

These are the few out of many Benefits of Meditation for Moms which can help them in taking better care of the family as well as improving their own overall wellbeing.