How 7 days Practical Self Care for Moms Challenge works?

How many times has it happened to you that amidst all the juggling with all your responsibilities and taking care of your babies, you have placed your own needs and mental peace on the back burner? We are guessing too many times to count. If you are a working mom, rare are the times when you get to spend a whole day pampering yourself. Don’t you feel like indulging in self-care practices for moms? Don’t you feel having a whole day to yourself without your toddlers hovering over your head all the time? Well, if your answer is yes, we have this pretty amazing and effective challenge for you. Do as we say for 7 days and you’ll be a much happier mom than you are right now. 

Soul Nourishing Self Care Activities for Moms - Soul Care

Without further ado, let’s delve into these practices. 

  1. Arrange a Relaxing Bubble Bath & Shower for Yourself 

The best “me time” you can ever get is when you shower or take a peaceful bath. There is no better way than this to wash away your stress and anxiety. Putting on a face mask, taking out time to sit back and listen to a podcast in the bathroom, eating a piece of chocolate, adding a bath bomb, and drinking wine are some of the ways that can help you make your bath time even more fun and relaxing. 

  1. Hone Your Hobbies and Skills 

How long has it been since you did something you enjoyed doing? When was the last time you picked your painting brush or read a novel or wrote poetry? Start working towards a long-lost passion or a hobby and you’ll see how well it does to your routine. It can be absolutely anything. Running, gardening, crafting, working in a yard; indulge in whatever hobby you like and try to get better at it. 

  1. Indulge in meditation or Yoga 

Talk to any spiritual leader about stress-relieving techniques and they would all have a common answer; practice meditation or yoga. Trust us, when we say, there is nothing more relaxing and peace generating that meditation. Practicing mindfulness can come easily to you through yoga. It can be an incredible experience that allows you to release tension and find happiness in your soul. 

  1. Talk to a Friend 

When the world seems a tad dull or you feel exhausted, there is nothing better than a company of friends who can cheer you up in an instant. Spending time with friends can do your soul a whole lot better than you can ever imagine. If meeting in person, seems like a far-fetched thought, you can always talk over phone or video call them. 

Apart from indulging in these activities, you can always set up a doable self-care morning routine that can help you go through the day with utmost patience and compassion.

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