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A Comprehensive Guide Enclosing Yoga Tips for Moms and Kids

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What Is Yoga?

The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to yoke or bind, and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. A male who practices yoga is called a yogi, a female practitioner, a yogini.

Being healthy is not a luxury that you run after when you have money or time; it is a state of being that everyone should pursue. Hence, adopting any workout routine is essential. If you consider yoga a resource to stay fit, the great news is beneficial for every age group.  

For the moms who wish to keep their families healthy and fit, yoga can be of immense help. Don’t just consider yoga as only a stress-busting method; it helps your body’s geometry to get aligned with the universe’s geometry. It works on your breathing, and when your body gets better oxygen, it puts your body in a healthy state of being. 

If you imbibe this habit in your kid early, it helps him/her to stay healthy and stay focused, brings coordination and balance in life, enhances self-esteem, and boosts mind-body connection. If this habit is coupled with healthy eating, it cooks the best recipe for a healthy life. 

Note- Many studies have claimed that yoga can even be useful for kids with ADHD.

How to Encourage Them to Practice Yoga?

Forcing things to kids is never a good idea. Besides, yoga is not that colorful activity that can make kids excited, such as “hide and seek” or “doll tea party.” Thus, they don’t want to add another obligation to their busy schedule as they are all surrounded enough by school assignments, sports, and other family commitments. Therefore never impose yoga on kids. However, five tips will get your children on the mat on their own:

#1 Practice Yoga in Front of Your Kids

Science’s theory of evolution’ states that we are evolved from great apes into humans. Hence, we still have some traits of monkeys. You must have noticed that kids are great imitators, and they learn more from what they see and what they experience. So practicing yoga in front of them is the best way to trick them into doing yoga.

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So, while you are practicing, ask them to join you. This will evoke their curiosity, and they will eventually be interested in yoga.

For instance, it will be fun if you will ask them to climb over your tummy or swing from your standing pose and crawl beneath you while you do a downward dog. Doing yoga poses like inversions or twists would fun for kids to see.

#2 Inform Them the Benefits of Yoga in Appealing Ways

While kids are not that receptive to grasp all the details and endless benefits of yoga at a young age, it may not be feasible to teach your kids all of it. For example, you can tell them that yoga can make them healthy or brainy like a superhero, as flexible as Elastigirl from the Incredibles. However, kids love to be upside down; yoga practice can be significantly turned in their favor.

You can also encourage their good behavior by rewarding them with their favorite food, reading them an extra bedtime story, or giving them spare time to play. This initiative will encourage them more to go smoothly and offer them many benefits too.

#3 Add a Fun Factor into Poses

There’s no denying that kids learn better if things cater to them in a fun way. Let them play with their imagination while doing yoga poses such as cat pose, camel pose partner boat, and tree pose. This will take them to the fun yoga world that they can find worthy of involvement in every day. Besides, kids mostly remain in the theta state, i.e., the imagination state, which you, as a parent, should know how to use this state to benefit overall development. For instance, for the poses that are named after animals, you can interest them by making related noises.

#4 Invite Them to a Yoga Class

It is often observed that kids learn better in a professionally taught class than at home. So, if your kid is mature enough to do yoga on their own, send them to yoga classes. Doing so will help them explore yoga profoundly and thoroughly with their understanding. These classes will help them gain confidence and a sense of responsibility and offer a chance to create their group of like-minded peers. In case you are looking out for ways to expand your knowledge and teach your children on your own, sign up for a yoga teacher for training your kid or kids.

Besides, there is another way to learn yoga by using yoga products to get them interested. A yoga doll is a great invention in this regard. It will help your kid to learn yoga in a very motivating way. It can teach the right alignment in the right way.

Another best useful resource can be a pose-by-pose bedtime storybook that teaches them simple yoga poses inspired by their favorite animals.

#5 A Few Things to Consider

While performing yoga with your kids, you should be very careful. Please make sure the poses you pick for them are perfect for their age. For example, pre-scholars are most likely to love the quick and moving poses as they don’t have the strength to hold poses for a long time.

The scenario is a bit different for kids falling into the 9 to 12 age group. They are eager to learn and new things in yoga. By the time your kid reaches teenage, they will have more comprehension of advanced poses or introduce to meditation or pranayama.

Apart from age, it is also essential to choose poses according to their health conditions. There might be some instances where a kid suffers some health conditions such as asthma, a hernia, or other breathing difficulties. In the cases of kids with breathing difficulties, challenging poses should be avoided at all costs.


Since the responsibilities of raising and upbringing, a kid is given to moms by Mother Nature. It becomes significant to raise them with the most skills to deal with life when they grow up to do their own. With these tips in mind, make your motherhood a blessing for your kids in real terms.