Best Yoga Videos for Busy Moms to Release Stress

Although yoga is for every age, busy moms tend to enjoy it more! Unlike the gym, doing yoga doesn’t require much equipment—the right pair of tights, a mat, and space to stretch out easily would suffice. Because we are leading a busy lifestyle, we stress out mentally and physically.   Yoga for Busy Moms can be used as an escaping method to vent out their stress.

 Yoga for Busy Moms

Mothers are caregivers; they often get so engrossed with this job full of responsibilities that they forget to take a moment to check in with ourselves–which is undeniably important.

In this lifestyle setting, one should be very thankful that we have yoga.

If you are a mom who is on a full-time mom’s job, then here is the list of five poses that can be done at the comfort of your own home:

  • Child’s Pose
Balasana: Child's Pose | Yoga | Gaia

One of the most comfortable and most convenient poses is a child pose that is a great hip opener and can help you elongate your spine. It is common for women to carry a lot of stress in the hip area, and this pose can help you release the pose and allow both your body to relax.

  • Downward Facing Dog

A Beginner's Guide to Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) |  YogaUOnline

As newbie moms, moms tend to spend a lot of time holding our babies and practicing this pose to stretch your hamstrings and hips, opening and strengthening your chest area, arms, and shoulders. It also increases the blood flow since it is an inversion pose where your heart is positioned above your head. If you don’t know how to go about these basic yoga poses, then watch some best yoga videos for busy moms to set the ball rolling.

  • Standing Forward Fold

Uttanasana: Standing Forward Bend - Yoga | Gaia

This pose brings you the convenience of doing it anywhere, anytime. If you practice this pose first thing in the morning, it can help bring relief to the spine’s stress while sleeping during the night. This pose will help stretch your entire body, calms your body, and reduces anxiety and stress since increased blood flow to your head.

  • Half Pigeon Pose
How to Do Half Pigeon Pose - YouTube

A bit more challenging poses to get into and hold, the half pigeon pose is an excellent hip opener and can help you release physical and emotional stress. While holding the pose, you will find a deep stretch in your buttocks and hip flexors. Bear in mind that you have to hold the pose correctly. Make sure your hips are level and don’t put much stress on your joints. You can check out Yoga Videos for Busy Moms for better assistance. The pose lets you feel a deep stretch in your buttocks and your hip flexors. Because of the deep sensations you might feel in this pose; you must be holding it correctly. You want to make sure your hips are level and aren’t putting stress on your joints.

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