Six Simple Self Care Tips For Busy Moms

Motherhood is not a walk in the park. It is a 20-year long project that most moms aren’t ready to take on. And also, there is no mandatory schooling on motherhood. Hence, new mothers often dive straight into this tough grind. Sociologist Caitlyn Collins’s research shows that US moms are drowning in stress. Well, the simple self care tips for moms can provide the much-needed respite, but you need to understand — it works only if you apply it.

Here are the six simple care tips for busy moms: 

1. Take care of your body

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It is not difficult to understand, but the majority of moms overlook it. Take care of your body, Mama! One cannot be happy with an unhealthy body. Take some time out and do something for your body. It is not easy to find time when you are juggling with career and motherhood, but indulging in some physical activity on a regular basis eventually does good for you. 

Get your body moving, whether it is exercising, dancing, or running. Make sure that you don’t overlook your healthcare needs. Don’t miss your annual checkups. Do not ignore the signals your body is giving you. The moment you feel something is not right, visit your doctor.     

2. Nourish your body well

As a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of the nourishment of your child. And often, parents get so involved in the process that they just ignore their own nourishment needs. A healthy and strong body requires the right nourishment. Nourish your body well. Eat healthy to stay healthy. However, it is easier said than done. 

Research shows that one of the common causes of stress for mothers is finances. And when it comes to nourishment, it is costly. Managing kids’ nourishment is so expensive, let alone the parents. But, you can still manage your nourishment economically by making the right food choices and adopting basic changes in food habits. There are limitless self care tips for moms are available on the internet that tell how to affordably nourish your body.         

3. Invest some time in yoga and mediation

It may sound a little over prioritizing yourself but will pay in a big way. Invest some time in yoga and mediation. Half an hour spent on meditation or yoga daily results in numerous benefits that include reduced stress, improved relationships, enhanced mental capability, and many more. Not only that but yoga and meditation also help you achieve your final goal i.e., help you parent your kids well

If you haven’t tried yoga or meditation, you can watch yoga videos for beginners to learn the basics of yoga. 

Meditation also works miraculously if done right, but many find it difficult. You can start with yoga and then switch to meditation or even keep doing yoga practices that address mental health as well. In true form, yoga is also a type of meditation.                        

4. Have fun     

Balancing career and motherhood is so demanding that moms forget something like fun exists in this world. Most moms ignore their inner child and become dead serious, which often results in frustration, exhaustion, and poor behavior, and eventually to guilt because you are not able to take care of your kids and yourself properly with happiness. Therefore, having fun is necessary. You can go for parties with your friends, spend some time on the beach, have a good stimulating conversation with your partner, spend time on playful activities that help you express yourself, or do whatever sounds fun to you to revive your inner juvenile self. 

5. Connect with your loved ones

When we grow up, emotions start playing a huge role in life. And human touch is like a little snippet of physical affection that brings a bit of comfort, support, and kindness. Connect with your loved ones! Amid the chaos, it is the much needed warm affection that helps you feel complete. Associate with the one who knows the challenges of parenting. This will give you some relief that you aren’t alone. If you have good friends, try chilling out with them. Dedicate a day or two in a month for a pool party with friends where you can chill out and connect to your true friends.               

6. Take proper sleep 

This may seem basic, but it is one of the most important self care tips for moms. Take proper sleep. According to Jodi A. Mindell, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, “Mothers really underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation has so many serious consequences for their health and their families.”       

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the definition of proper sleep, but make sure you get sufficient rest. 

We understand that with toddlers, it is almost impossible to think of having a proper sleep as no one knows when your little one needs something, but try to find new ways to take proper sleep. Establish a routine with your partner so that you have time to take proper sleep.        

7. Spend some time alone 

Having a child is a special feeling. It comes with a lot of joy, happiness, and love. When you create the right balance between your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your child, parenting becomes a joyful process, and you feel more satisfied and meaningful. It is good to spend some time alone to unwind. It will help you recollect yourself, see the things as they are, and help find joy in what you are doing. Not only moms, everyone needs some time alone to talk to themselves, recollect themselves, and figure out what to do or what not to.      
So these are the simple seven self care tips for moms. If you are also a busy mom who is juggling between career and motherhood and still desire to excel, you can use these tips to make your life a little better.  

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